Pastoralia: Driving Home, Breathing Easier

by postmenlikedoctors

After sitting in traffic through Annapolis for what felt like years, I was so happy to finally reach the Eastern Shore this past Friday. It might be my absolute favorite feeling in the world: crossing the Bay Bridge and suddenly finding myself surrounded by green fields and water and sky. Small brick churches dot the landscape, along with white clapboard farmhouses tucked in little oak groves off the highway. I like to imagine a Faulkner or Steinbeck tome springing up from each tiny family graveyard on each plot of land, though thejuxtaposition of my whirring engine and the peace I’m passing by so fast is always somewhat unsettling.

This is my ultimate liminal space, neither here nor there, where I unwind my city thoughts and look forward to the peace of home. It is a limbo of sorts, as familiar as a friend but never a destination. Being home is comfortable, leaving home is hard, but getting home is truly delicious.